Revolutionize your risk management process with a comprehensive QA solution designed specifically for long-term and post-acute care providers.

Comprehensive LTPAC Quality Assessment and Risk Management Dashboards

QA Reader provides detailed, interactive dashboards that display resident incidents and accidents. We use drill-through technology that lets you investigate any key performance indicator (KPI) displayed. Our easy-to-use, modern software lets you investigate and identify root causes, whether they are found at the organization, regional, facility or resident level.

QA Reader provides detailed dashboards at multiple levels of the organization. View trends from corporate-wide, regional, and facility-level perspectives. Concerned about a particular resident? QA Reader provides you with resident-specific dashboards as well.

QA Reader dashboards match how you manage, with ready-built support for facility groups, units, and shifts. You can organize your facility and user groupings into regions that best represent how you manage. User permissions can be tailored to fit your organization’s management structure.

QA Reader helps your QAPI process with real-time, actionable information:

  • Gain immediate transparency into the effectiveness of risk management at all of your facilities in one simple-to-use application.
  • Benchmark the performance of your facilities against each other and against your peer group.
  • Identify outlying facilities, shifts, and personnel to correct adverse trends and improve quality of care.