Assisted Living and CCRCs Count on QA Reader to Lower the Incidence of Resident Incidents and Injuries

Residents in the CCRC and ALF communities are more frail than ever before. Experienced providers understand that lower acuity doesn’t automatically mean a lower risk of negative events.

On the contrary, assisted living and continuing care community residents experience negative outcomes at a rate equal to or greater than skilled nursing residents. The frequency and severity of professional liability claims in assisted living and CCRCs are increasing, and in some states have surpassed skilled nursing experience.

QA Reader offers a complete risk management and quality management solution for CCRCs and assisted living communities, driving better care outcomes across your campus. We include as standard in every QA Reader subscription:

  • Assisted living risk management experts that review all potentially serious events that occur on your campus or community
  • Specialized incident interface designed for assisted living, including dashboards of resident safety events in real-time
  • Acuity and census-adjusted algorithms that predict liability at the organization, campus, and community level
  • No additional staff data entry is required. We accept feeds from your EHR system (AOD, Yardi, etc.) or your paper incident reports.